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Our software is normally released under the LGPLv3 or any later
But please check the license informations in the distribution.


Java Libraries

c42-defaults c42 organization pom.
c42-toolkit c42 basic and general purpose toolkit


During the last years some nice bash scripts are developed.

bachme wrapper around at for better usage of the standard batch job implementation
brother-mfc-time-adjust work around the clock reset problem of Brother MVC-7440N printer
editclient wrapper around emacsclient and gnuclient with some extra functionality
c42-timeout-tmpdirs clean up temporary dircetories like /tmp, /var/tmp
c42-mail yet another sophisticated sendmail wrapper
pidkill kill an process from the numeric pid stored in a pidfile
showfsck show time and mounts till next file system check is forced on reboot (for ext2-4 filesystems)
svn-commit-template-editor wrapper srcipt to allow invocation of SVN_EDITOR with custom template file
xtail tail a file in an xterm window and colorize it with ccze. Additional filters like "grep ALERT" can be also applied.
c42-fritz-helper A bash script allow some operations on the fritz box like configuration download, phone book upload, ... c42-wiki article.
xshell invoke a remote xterm via ssh (and use a username dependend backround color)
c42-common-functions common functions library - see also c42-wiki article


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